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One of the Largest Salmonella Outbreaks in Years Stumps FDA

Multistate Salmonella outbreaks with more than 250 patients aren’t very common. So, it’s of note when one with 264 patients pops up. Even more so when the source of such a sizeable outbreak has eluded health officials. But that’s the situation that has unfolded in recent days. On November 16,  the U.S. Food and Drug […]


Another Enoki Mushroom Listeria Outbreak

Two years ago, enoki mushrooms were linked to a deadly Listeria outbreak. Now, a new outbreak is brewing. The current enoki mushroom Listeria outbreak includes two illnesses in two states, Nevada and Michigan. Both patients have been hospitalized. Public health officials have not disclosed where the mushrooms were grown or which company imported them. But […]


USDA Beef E. coli Public Health Alerts Hit 10-Year High

So far this year, the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has issued four public health alerts for ground beef contaminated with E. coli, the highest number since 2012 when it issued five. Generally, USDA FSIS issues a public health alert when a product has tested positive for a pathogen but is no longer […]

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How Common are Deli Meat Listeria Outbreaks?

Deli meat and cheese sold at NetCost and other stores has been linked to a deadly multistate Listeria outbreak. Health officials have not yet identified the specific brand or brands that are causing the illnesses and are warning people in high-risk groups for Listeria -pregnant women, people over 65, and people with underlying health conditions, […]

The Lethal History of Listeria and Deli Meat

A Listeria outbreak linked to deli meat that has sickened 16 people killing one of them is the latest chapter in the lethal history of Listeria in deli meat. Almost 20 years ago, after two of the most deadly foodborne illness outbreaks in the U.S.history were linked to deli meat, the U.S. Department of Agriculture […]


MN Stores That Sold Brie Recalled for Listeria

A brie and camembert cheese recall tied to a six-state Listeria outbreak includes several stores in Minnesota. The recalled cheese, made by Old World Cheese Inc. of Benton Harbor, MI was sold under a variety of brand names with “Best By” dates ranging from September 28, 2022, to December 14, 2022. Consumers who have purchased the […]


Sushi Salmonella Outbreaks are Fairly Common

A current Salmonella outbreak linked to restaurant sushi has sickened 33 people, hospitalizing 13 of them. The illnesses, linked to fish distributed by Mariscos Bahia Inc. of Pico Rivera, CA, are the latest in a string of sushi Salmonella outbreaks since 2012. Sushi Salmonella Outbreaks are Fairly Common Since 2012, there have been four multistate […]


Valley Milk Raw Milk Recalled for the 6th Time in 3 Years

For the sixth time in three years, raw milk produced and packaged by Valley Milk Simply Bottled of Stanislaus County in California has been recalled for bacterial contamination. On October 21, the California Department of Food and Agriculture issued a statewide recall and quarantine order after officials found Campylobacter in a sample of the farm’s […]


What do Six Recent E. coli O121 Outbreaks Have in Common?

Frozen falafel sold exclusively at ALDI stores has been linked to an E. coli outbreak that has sickened at least 20 people in six states. Five people who ate the Earth Grown brand falafel have been hospitalized including one who developed hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), a form of kidney failure that is a complication of some E. […]


E. coli Outbreak Linked to Earth Grown Frozen Falafel Sold at ALDI

An E. coli outbreak has been linked to Earth Grown brand frozen falafel sold exclusively at ALDI stores in 37 states. The falafel E. coli outbreak has sickened at least 20 people in five states.  Five people have been hospitalized. The company that makes the product has issued a recall. Falafel E. coli Outbreak Health […]


Listeria Recall for Caribou Coffee Fruit and Cheese Plates

Caribou Coffee fruit and cheese plates sold at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport have been recalled for Listeria. On October 7, Cut Fruit Express of Inver Grove Heights, MN issued a recall for 6.2-oz  Caribou Coffee Fruit and Cheese Plates because they contain brie cheese that was recalled after being linked to a Listeria outbreak. The recalled […]