Sprouts Unlimited of Marion, IA has issued a recall for clover sprouts after health officials in Iowa linked them to an E. coli outbreak. The recalled products were sold at Hy Vee, Fareway Foods and Jimmy John’s restaurants in Iowa.

The recalled product was sold in pint containers with a blue Sprouts Unlimited label on top and the UPC code 7 32684 00013 6 on the bottom right side.

Sprouts Unlimited Inc. stated in the recall that it became aware of the problem after being notified by the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals in Des Moines that a cluster of E. coli O103 illnesses had been epidemiologically linked to the company’s clover sprouts.

Sprouts are frequently the source of food poisoning outbreaks. The humid conditions required to sprout the seeds are ideal for bacterial growth and some studies have found the seeds themselves are often contaminated. Because of these risks, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that consumers only eat sprouts that are cooked.

In April 2012, clover sprouts at Jimmy John’s restaurants were linked to an E. coli O26 outbreak that sickened 29 people in 11 states.

In 2014, clover sprouts at Jimmy John’s restaurants were linked to an E. coli O121 outbreak that sickened 19 people in six states.

In 2018, clover sprouts at Jimmy John’s were linked to a three-state Salmonella outbreak that sickened 10 people.

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Magnification of E. coli bacteria

E. coli bacteria under a magnification of 6836x