An ongoing E. coli outbreak linked to ground bison has sickened 21 people in seven states. The illnesses are not the first to be linked to ground bison products sold at grocery stores and served at restaurants.  A decade ago, Pritzker Hageman E. coli lawyers represented clients sickened in a similar E. coli outbreak linked to ground bison sold at restaurants and stores.

That outbreak sickened at least six people in Colorado, Maryland and New York who ate bison processed by Rocky Mountain Natural Meats.  In July 2010, the Henderson, CO-based company issues a recall for 66,000 pounds of ground bison and tenderized bison steaks for potential contamination with E. coli O157:H7.

Three of the recalled products with the brand names Great Range, Nature’s Rancher and The Buffalo Guys were sold at grocery stores. Other products, sold under the brand name Rocky Mountain Meats, were sold to restaurants.

Meat contaminated with E. coli, a dangerous foodborne pathogen that is considered an “adulterant” under federal law. should never be sold to consumers. In 2010, our experienced E. coli Team helped people sickened get justice and compensation. If you are part of the current outbreak, they can help you, too.

The current outbreak is linked to ground bison and buffalo burgers produced by Northfork Bison Distributions, Inc. in Saint-Leonard, Quebec, Canada. It was sold to grocery stores and restaurants in the U.S. under three brand names Northbrook, Sayers Brook and Fossil Farms.  The company has issued a bison recall for these products.

E. coli lawyer Buffalo Burger Recall

The seven-state outbreak has sickened 21 people hospitalizing eight of them. The total number of illnesses reported from each state are:

  • Connecticut 1
  • Florida 4
  • Michigan 1
  • Missouri 1
  • New Jersey 2
  • New York 9
  • Pennsylvania 3

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