Raw Farm Raw Cheddar E. coli

E. coli in Raw Farm Cheddar Leaves Two with HUS Kidney Failure

An E. coli outbreak linked to unpasteurized Raw Farm cheddar now includes two cases of HUS kidney failure. Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS), a form of kidney failure, is a complication that affects about seven percent of E. coli patients. HUS…
Miguel's E.coli

Miguel's E. coli Outbreak Turns Deadly

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One person sickened in the E. coli outbreak linked to Miguel's Cucina 4S Ranch in San Diego has died. John Christ Ferber, 87,  of San Diego, passed away on October 26. The outbreak has sickened 35 people ranging in age from 6 to 87 years…
Raw milk campylobacter
Tofu Salmonella Outbreak
E. coli outbreaks

What Do 12 Recent E. coli Outbreaks Tell Us About #13?

State and federal health officials are trying to discover the source of an E. coli outbreak that is causing severe illness among patients in Michigan and Ohio.  What can the 12 most recent E. coli outbreaks tell us about this one? E. coli…
food poisoning outbreaks

Where Have All the Food Poisoning Outbreaks Gone?

The CDC has announced just three food poisoning outbreaks so far this year, one of the fewest totals in the last 10 years. Since 2012, there have only been three times we reached mid-June with fewer than three outbreaks and one of them was in…
FreshKampo organic strawberries hepatitis

Hepatitis from Strawberries Sold at ALDI, Trader Joe's, Walmart in MN

In Minnesota, organic strawberries sold at ALDI, Trader Joe's, and Walmart have been linked to a hepatitis A outbreak. The multistate outbreak includes 17 illnesses in three states: California (15), Minnesota (1), and North Dakota (1). Twelve…

FDA Investigating 2 "Mystery" Listeria Outbreaks

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is investigating two "mystery" Listeria outbreaks. Not much information, not even a suspected food source, is publicly available even though both investigations have been ongoing for months.   Some…
Soul Cedar Farm Sweet Pepper Botulism Recall

Soul Cedar Farm Recalls Zesty Sweet Peppers for Botulism Risk

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Soul Cedar Fram has issued a recall for sweet peppers that may pose a botulism risk. Consumers who have purchased these peppers should not eat them as botulism can cause life-threatening illness and death. On April 19, 2022, Soul Cedar…
Bagged salad outbreak image from CDC

9 Recent Food Poisoning Outbreaks Linked to Prepackaged Salad

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Prepackaged salads made by Dole, Fresh Express, Simple Truth, Josie's Organics, and Bright Farms have been linked to nine outbreaks since 2019. The implicated salads were contaminated with a variety of pathogens including E. coli, Salmonella,…