Are Kentucky schools and hospitals part of the E. coli O103 outbreak that has sickened 177 people in 10 states?

So far, two firms K2D Foods and Grant Park Packing have issued recalls for ground beef. But the meat produced by each firm ended up in different places.

Both recalls include language that explains that, as part of its outbreak investigation, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (USDA FSIS) has been working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and state health partners to track down the source of the outbreak.

The K2D recall states that “GROUND BEEF PUCK” that was distributed to restaurants was being recalled for potential contamination with E. coli O103. The recall was issued after Tennessee health officials, the CDC and USDA FSIS collected and tested an unopened, intact package from a restaurant location where multiple case-patients ate before they became ill and it was positive for E. coli O103.

The Grant Park Packing recall states that ground beef packed in boxes marked “FOR INSTITUTIONAL USE ONLY”  shipped to “Minnesota for further distribution and Kentucky for institutional use” was recalled for potential E. coli O103 contamination. The recall was issued after Kentucky health officials, the CDC and USDA FSIS, collected an unopened, intact package from a  “point of service” where multiple case-patients ate.

Kentucky is the state where this outbreak first began in March. It is also the state that has been hardest hit. Sixty-five of the 177 illnesses reported so far have occurred in Kentucky as well as at least eight of the 21 hospitalizations.

Ground Beef E. coli Lawsuit

The national food safety law firm Pritzker Hageman has filed the first lawsuit in connection with the E. coli O103 outbreak. Their client, Melissa Carmicle, is a Kentucky woman who developed an E. coli infection after eating ground beef.

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