Thogersen Family Farm of Stanwood, WA issued a recall for four varieties of raw frozen pet food on April 4, 2019, because of potential Listeria contamination.  At the time of the recall, no illnesses had been reported.

The recall includes two-pound packages of course ground rabbit, course ground mallard duck, ground llama, and ground pork frozen raw pet food. The flat, rectangular, clear plastic packages had labels bearing the company’s name and the product type and weight. But the packages did not contain any lot codes, batch codes, expiration dates or any identifying information.

Raw pet food can cause illness in pets and humans. Pet food that is contaminated with bacteria can cause human illness by transferring bacteria to surfaces it contacts, including pet dishes, floors and even the pet itself. Thoroughly washing hands after feeding a pet can reduce the risk of illness.

Listeria poisoning can cause serious illness and death. Symptoms in humans include high fever, severe headache, muscle aches and stiffness, preceded by gastrointestinal symptoms. Pets with Listeria poisoning may be lethargic and have diarrhea that is sometimes bloody.

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