In Minnesota, the Fresh Express salad Listeria recall includes Marketside, All Fresh, Simply Nature, Little Salad Bar, and Fresh Express brand salads sold at ALDI, Lund’s, and Walmart stores. Consumers who have purchased these products should not eat them as Listeria can cause serious illness and death. Among pregnant women, Listeria can cause miscarriage and stillbirth.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). are investigating a Listeria outbreak associated with these salads. Since 2016, the CDC has identified at least 10 illnesses associated with the strain of Listeria monocytogenes that was found by Michigan health officials in a Fresh Express salad. One death has been reported.

Consumers who have eaten a salad included in this recall should monitor themselves for symptoms of a Listeria infection. These symptoms, which can take as long as 70 days to develop, include high fever, severe headache, stiff neck, muscle stiffness, nausea, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.

Fresh Express Listeria Recall

Fresh Express Recall

The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) issued a consumer advisory for Fresh Express Sweet Hearts Romaine Lettuce Sweet Butter Lettuce on December 17, 2021, after a sample tested positive for Listeria monocytogenes.  Three days later, Fresh Express issued a Listeria recall for all of the salad made at the company’s facility in Streamwood, IL. The recalled salads have product codes Z324 through Z350.

In Minnesota, stores included in the recall are Lund’s, ALDI and Walmart. One Lund’s store posted a sign in the salad section that stated all of the Fresh Express salad supplied to the store was produced at the Fresh Express facility in Streamwood, IL.

Fresh Express Salad Listeria Recall Notice


Fresh Express Recall at Minnesota ALDI Stores

At ALDI, the recalled salads include:

Fresh Express Chipotle Cheddar 11.4oz, 0 71279 30604

All Fresh Express Iceberg Shreds 8oz, 0 71279 15101

All Fresh Express Bacon & Bleu 8oz, 1 71279 30606 3

Simply Nature Organic Baby Spinach & Arugula Mix 5oz, 099100087974

Simply Nature Organic Baby Spinach 5oz, 099100088551

Simply Nature Organic Chopped Kale 12oz, 099100088735

Simply Nature Organic Mixed Greens 5oz, 099100088049

Simply Nature Organic Spring Mix 16oz, 099100088612

Little Salad Bar Asian Chopped Salad Kit 12.3 oz, 99100086960

Little Salad Bar Avocado Ranch Chopped Salad Kit 13.2 oz, 99100219542

Little Salad Bar Caesar Chopped Salad Kit 10.5 oz, 99100263934

Little Salad Bar Caesar Salad Kit 10.5 oz, 99100086991

Little Salad Bar Chef Salad 6.2oz, 99100107368

Little Salad Bar Chicken Caesar Salad 8.75oz, 99100096068

Little Salad Bar Classic Coleslaw 14oz, 4.0991E+11

Little Salad Bar Cranberry Walnut Salad 4.5oz, 99100096174

Little Salad Bar Garden Salad 12oz, 99100082979

Little Salad Bar Italian Salad 9oz, 99100083181

Little Salad Bar Santa Fe Style Salad 7oz, 99100096143

Little Salad Bar Southwest Chopped Salad Kit 12 oz, 99100087028

Little Salad Bar Spinach 8 oz, 99100083419

Little Salad Bar Spring Mix 5 oz, 99100083495

Little Salad Bar Sunflower Chopped Salad Kit 11.3 oz, 99100087905

Little Salad Bar Sweet Butter 6 oz, 99100083037

Fresh Express Recall at Minnesota Walmart Stores

At Walmart, the recalled salads have the following product names and UPC numbers:

Marketside Angel Hair Coleslaw 10oz, 681131387491

Marketside Baby Greens Salad 6oz, 081131355023

Marketside Baby Spinach 11oz, 681131090254

Marketside Baby Spinach 6oz, 681131027908

Marketside Bacon Caesar Salad Kit 14.6oz, 681131387354

Marketside Butter Lettuce Salad 6oz, 681131027861

Marketside Caesar Salad Kit 14.5oz, 681131387446

Marketside Chopped Romaine Mix 9oz, 681131221412

Marketside Chopped Salad Kit Asian 13.6oz, 081131305158

Marketside Chopped Salad Kit Avocado Ranch 12.3oz, 081131305134

Marketside Chopped Salad Kit Bacon Ranch Crunch 12.8oz, 081131305448

Marketside Chopped Salad Kit Caesar 11.3oz, 681131148320

Marketside Chopped Salad Kit Cherry Almond Gorgonzola 13.7oz, 081131305165

Marketside Chopped Salad Kit Kale Pecan Cranberry 9.5oz, 681131221320

Marketside Chopped Salad Kit Southwest 13.4oz, 081131305127

Marketside Chopped Salad Kit Sunflower Bacon Crunch 13.8oz, 081131305141

Marketside Classic Iceberg Salad 12oz, 681131328944

Marketside Classic Iceberg Salad 24oz, 681131328951

Marketside Crisp Greens 12oz, 081131355030

Marketside Family Size Caesar Salad Kit 22.3oz, 681131387460

Marketside Family Size Sunflower Bacon Crunch Chopped Salad Kit 22.3oz, 081131377346

Marketside Fresh Spinach 10oz, 681131329460

Marketside Hearts of Romaine 10oz, 068113102783

Marketside Leafy Romaine 9oz, 681131027816

Marketside Organic Baby Arugula & Baby Spinach 5oz, 681131532082

Marketside Organic Baby Arugula 5oz, 068113122173

Marketside Organic Baby Spinach & Baby Kale Mix 5oz, 681131221290

Marketside Organic Baby Spinach 16oz, 681131085731

Marketside Organic Baby Spinach 5oz, 681131328982

Marketside Organic Spinach & Spring Mix 16oz, 081131354781

Marketside Organic Spinach & Spring Mix 5.5oz, 081131354798

Marketside Organic Spring Mix 16oz, 081131354767

Marketside Organic Spring Mix 5oz, 081131354774

Marketside Premium Romaine Salad 18oz, 681131388078

Marketside Premium Romaine Salad 9oz, 681131387538

Marketside Shredded Iceberg Lettuce 16oz, 681131532099

Marketside Shredded Iceberg Lettuce 8oz, 681131328968

Marketside Spinach & Spring Mix 11oz, 081131355016

Marketside Spring Mix 11oz, 081131355009

Marketside Spring Mix 5oz, 081131354996

Marketside Tri-Color Cole Slaw 16oz, 68113138748

Listeria Lawsuit Consultation

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