A Cronobacter recall for meal replacement shakes includes 10 brands sold at Walmart, Sam’s Club, Target, Publix, Whole Foods, Hannaford, and other retailers.  The recall includes multiple flavors sold under the brand names: Glucerna, Lyons, Stumptown, MRE, Pirq, Aloha, Sysco Imperial, Premier Protein, Lyons, and Katie Farms.

On July 28, Lyons Magnus of Fresno, CA issued the recall after discovering that the products did not meet commercial sterility specifications. The recalled shakes were distributed to food service customers and grocery stores nationwide. Consumers should not drink these shakes as Cronobacter can cause serious illness.

What are the Symptoms of a Cronobacter Infection?

Cronobacter is a bacteria that often lives on dry foods and is frequently associated with powdered infant formula.  In adults, Cronobacter poses a risk to individuals with and compromised immune systems. Symptoms include fever, vomiting, and urinary tract infection.

What Shakes are Included in the Recall?

The recall includes:

  • Three flavors of Glucerna
  • Seven varieties of Imperial
  • Two flavors of Intelligentsia
  • One flavor of Katie Farms
  • Six varieties of Lyons Ready Care
  • Three varieties of Lyons Barista Style
  • Four varieties of MRE
  • One flavor of Oatly
  • Eight varieties of Pirq
  • Eight varieties of Premier Protein
  • Five varieties of Stumptown

To see a complete list of the recalled items,  click the link to the recall on the FDA website.


Cronobacter Meal Replacement Shake Recall

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