The Douglas County Health Department (DCHD) is looking into reports of a Salmonella outbreak at a local daycare. Several parents of the 100 or so kids who attend Elite Childcare Academy in Omaha have reported illnesses. Health officials have not yet released the total number of confirmed cases. Since the incubation period of Salmonella poisoning is 60-72 hours, some children could still be diagnosed.

Phil Rooney, a spokesman from the health department, says the cause could have been daycare employees failing to wash their hands properly after changing a child’s diaper and then handling food. The daycare has closed temporarily while the state investigates. DCHD says they are working to improve operations by adding changing tables and reconfiguring sinks for better handwashing and sanitation.

Symptoms of Salmonella poisoning can include diarrhea, fever, abdominal cramps, and headache. Symptoms are typically more severe among children. If you think your child may have Salmonella food poisoning, see your doctor right away.

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Can I Sue My Child’s Daycare for Food Poisoning?

Yes, you can sue a negligent daycare facility if food poisoning at daycare caused your child harm. Our food safety legal team has won millions of dollars for children and families. We recently obtained a $1 million settlement for a family whose son tragically died from an E.coli infection that he developed at daycare. Seeing your child sick can make you feel scared and helpless. We’re here to help you through it. If your child was sickened by the Elite Childcare Academy Salmonella outbreak, call 1-800-377-8900, text 612-261-0856, or fill out the form below for a free consultation with a Salmonella lawyer.