The Cyclospora attorneys at national food safety law firm, Pritzker Hageman, P.A., filed the first Cyclospora outbreak lawsuit against Cooper’s Hawk in Jacksonville, FL. Attorneys Ryan Osterholm and Lindsay Lien Rinholen filed the suit today in Florida’s Fourth Judicial Circuit Court. The lawsuit, filing number 92497394, was filed on behalf of Lekeysha Bentley, a Jacksonville woman who developed a Cyclospora infection after eating food at Cooper’s Hawk.

Ms. Bentley suffered weeks of debilitating illness as a result of her Cyclospora infection. Her symptoms continue to persist, despite ongoing treatment. Since Cyclospora is colorless and odorless, consumers like Ms. Bentley rely upon establishments to ensure that the food they serve is free from contamination with harmful parasites like Cyclospora.

To-date, 80-100 people developed Cyclospora infections after eating at Cooper’s Hawk between June 10th and June 24th. Many of those sickened were attending a charity event held by the Exchange Club. A statement from the restaurant identifies fresh produce as a possible food source. Several patients reported eating a salad with their meals.

Pritzker Hageman Cyclospora attorney, Ryan Osterholm, has represented more Cyclospora clients than any other attorney in the United States. Local news station, News4Jax, recently quoted Ryan in an article about the Cooper’s Hawk outbreak. If you believe you became sick in this outbreak, contact Ryan today by filling out the form below or calling 1-888-377-8900.