An E. coli outbreak linked to ALDI brand Baker’s Corner flour has sickened 17 people in eight states. Three people have been hospitalized. A recall has been issued for the flour which was produced by ADM Milling Co. in Buffalo, NY.

When people are sickened by E. coli, state health officials perform genetic tests on cultures from their stool samples that find the “genetic fingerprint” of the E. coli. The results are uploaded to a national database maintained by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Matching fingerprints indicate people were sickened by the same food source.

The people sickened in this outbreak recalled eating or tasting raw batter or dough before they became ill. Two of them specifically remembered that flour or baking mix from ALDI was used to make the dough. The case-patients range in age from 7 years to 86 years old. They reported onset-of-illness dates ranging from December 11, 2018, to April 18, 2019.

The outbreak includes five people in New York,  five people in Ohio, and two in Pennsylvania. California, Connecticut, Missouri, New Jersey and Rhode Island each reported one case. Health officials also found a match in a bag of flour collected from a bakery where some of those sickened reported eating raw dough.

This is not the first outbreak linked to raw flour.  A 2016 E. coli outbreak linked to General Mills flour sickened 63 people in 24 states. And last year, Duncan Hines cake mix was linked to a Salmonella outbreak that sickened five people.


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