If you are one of the 13 people in Minnesota who developed a Cyclospora infection from bagged salad made by Fresh Express and sold under store brand names at Hy-Vee and ALDI here is what you need to know about filing a Cyclospora salad lawsuit.

Bagged Salad Cyclospora Outbreak

A six-state Cyclosposra outbreak linked to bagged salads sold at Hy-Vee, ALDI and Jewel-Osco stores has sickened more than 70 people. Sixteen people have been hospitalized. Consumers who have purchased these products should not eat them.

Eating food that is contaminated with the parasite Cyclospora can lead to an infection of the intestines that causes gastrointestinal symptoms that can last for weeks or months if untreated. The hallmark of a Cyclospora infection is diarrhea that is watery and explosive diarrhea which is accompanied by vomiting, fatigue, body aches, fever and other flu-like symptoms.

The contaminated salads associated with this outbreak were “garden salads” containing iceberg lettuce, red cabbage, and carrots sold under store brand names ALDI Little Salad Bar Brand Garden Salad,  Hy-Vee Brand Garden Salad and Jewel-Osco Signature Farms Garden Salad.

Cyclospora lawyer - Garden Salad with iceberg, red cabbage and carrots

The total number of cases reported from each state is:

  • Iowa (28)
  • Illinois (23)
  • Kansas (1)
  • Minnesota (13)
  • Missouri (7)
  • Nebraska (7)

The 13 people sickened in Minnesota, who range in age from 24 to 79 years old, began experiencing symptoms of a Cyclospora infection on dates ranging from June 1 to June 9 after they had eaten ALDI and Hy-Vee store brand “garden salads,” according to the Minnesota Department of Health. The people who got sick purchased the salads from multiple locations throughout the state. Eleven are from Greater Minnesota, two live in the Twin Cities metro area.

If You Think You Have a Cyclospora Infection

If you think you have a Cyclospora infection from bagged salad, the first thing to do is see a doctor. Tests on your stool sample can determine in you have this infection.

If you test positive, ask your doctor if he or she has notified the health department or contact your health department directly. This step is key because it provides a record of your illness and helps public health officials identify outbreaks. If you aren’t sure who to call, our food safety lawyers can help you with this.

When you do call, public health officials at your city, county or state health department will want to ask you questions about what you ate in the days before you became ill and where you purchased food. They may ask if you have receipts or shopper card information, or a notice from the grocery store that shows you purchased the salad there. If you have any remaining salad, they may want to collect it for testing.

Write down as much information as you can remember including when and where you bought the salad, the date you became ill, the number of days you experienced symptoms and when you went to the doctor.


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Another Fresh Express Salad Cyslospora Outbreak

This is not the first time a Cyclospora outbreak has been linked to salad made by Fresh Express.  In 2018, a Cyclospora outbreak linked to Fresh Express salad sold at McDonald’s sickened 511 people in 16 states. Twenty-four people were hospitalized.

McDonald’s Cyclospora Lawsuit Filed by Pritzker Hageman Lawyers
McDonald’s Cyclospora Lawsuits Seek Settlement Money for Victims

Pritzker Hageman Cyclospora lawyers filed multiple successful Cyclospora salad lawsuits on behalf of people sickened in that outbreak. In fact, we’ve represented clients in every major Cyclospora outbreak in the U.S.  To request a free consultation with our experienced Cyclospora Team, please call 1-888-377-8900, text 612-261-0856, or complete the form below. There is no obligation and we don’t get paid unless we win.