Salmonella Outbreak

The Nassau County Health Department has closed Brixx and Barley in Long Beach, NY as it investigates 12 cases of Salmonella poisoning. The health department will not allow the restaurant, located at 152 W. Park Ave., to reopen until the source of the contamination is found, a spokeswoman told Newsday.


The illnesses date back to July. The health department is in the process of analyzing stool samples collected from those sickened to see if they were all sickened by the same strain of bacteria. They are also trying to determine which foods or beverages all of the case-patients consumed.

Food becomes contaminated with Salmonella when it comes into contact with fecal matter from animals or humans. This can happen during slaughter if the food is meat, during the growing process if contaminated water is used for irrigation, or if an infected food handler doesn’t wash hands properly after using the bathroom.

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